Diwali Dishes Top 5 Dishes You Have To Eat On This Diwali 2016

Are You Searching For Diwali Dishes YES? Then You Are At Right Post Here You Get Top 5 Dishes You Have To Eat On This Diwali 2016. So Don’t Worry We Are Here To Provide You List For 5 Diwali Dishes. You Can Eat All Diwali Dishes Without Any Hesitation Because I Personally Tasted Each Dishes Which Baked By My Wife.

PS :- My Wife Is Good Cook But I Cannot Say About Your Wife So Try Carefully This Dishes Other Wise You Have Another Option Buy This Sweets From Market

Hello Everyone Welcome Back As You Know Diwali Biggest Festival In India All Hindus Celebrating Grandly, Now A Time You People Are Searching For Diwali Dishes And Many More So Don’t Worry I Am Here I Will Post You All Stuff On diwaliwishes2016hub.com

Top 5 Diwali Dishes

Rice Kheer Or Payasam

A Standout Among the most essential Indian treat formula made with rice, milk, ghee and nuts. This is made in many homes in all locales of India. This can be made with Jaggery or sugar. The formula shared here is a conventional south Indian one made amid celebrations.

Diwali Dishes

Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli otherwise called kaju burfi is another bubbly joy which is normally made to treat and blessing companions and relatives amid celebrations and events. It is made of cashews, sugar and cardamom powder.


Gulab Jamun

Is yet another well known exemplary Indian sweet made of milk solids called as khoya and sugar syrup. Broiled berry estimated balls made of khoya, paneer and flour are dunked in rose seasoned sugar syrup. The formula shared here utilizations milk powder rather than khoya/mawa which is utilized as a part of the customary formula.


Imarti Or Jalebi

Imarti or Jhangri is a dessert popular in India and other countries of the Indian Subcontinent. It is made by deep-frying urad flour batter in a kind of circular flower shape, then soaked in sugar syrup. Alternative names include Amriti, Emarti, Omriti and Jaangiri. This dish is not to be confused with Jalebi which has comparatively thinner material and is sweeter than Imarti.

Imarti Kind Of Jalebi


Adhirasam is a popular as an offering to the gods during puja prayers, both at home and in temples in Tamil Nadu. According to inscriptions from Krishnadevaraya’s time, the sweet was made from rice flour, jaggery, butter and pepper. At the annual festival at the Panchavarnesvar Temple in Nallur (located near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu), an offering of 6000 Adhirasams along with 6000 vadas is made to the Gods; the entire lot is cooked in the temple kitchen between sunrise and 11 pm, for the prayers that take place at midnight.

Adhirasam Diwali Dishes

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