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Hello Everyone Welcome Back As You Know Diwali Biggest Festival In India All Hindus Celebrating Grandly, Now A Time You People Are Searching For Shubh Deepavali Wallpaper And Much More So Don’t Worry I Am Here I Will Post You All Stuff On diwaliwishes2016hub.com

Wallpaper For Deepavali Greeting

Deepavali Wallpaper

Wallpaper In Deepavali

Deepavali Wallpaper

Wallpaper Of Deepavali

Deepavali Wallpaper

Wallpaper Of Deepavali Greetings

Deepavali Wallpaper

Wallpaper Of Happy Deepavali

Deepavali Wallpaper

Wallpaper For Shubh Deepavali

Amazing Deepavali Wishes SMS For Friends, Lover {Best Wishes}

Hindu Deepavali Wallpaper

Deepavali Wallpaper

Steps To Download Deepavali Wallpapers :-

  1. Firstly Move Your Cursor On Wallpaper
  2. One Normal Click
  3. Now Press Right Click On Mouse
  4. Then There Will Is Option Save As Image
  5. Then Select Directory Where You Want To Save Wallpaper
  6. After Download Wallpaper . Use This Wallpaper Where You Want To Use

Here Is Bonus Information For You On Deepavali

Owing to the cultural diversity that exists in India, the Diwali celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. The Tamil Nadu state has its own unique way of celebrating the Diwali and what’s more is that the Diwali is called as Deepavali in Tamil Nadu. Let’s find out why Diwali is called Deepavali, especially in Tamilnadu and how the celebration of Diwali in Tamil Nadu is different from other regions of India.
Though it is believed in north India, that the name “Deepavali” is derived from Sanskrit , “deepa” meaning lamp and “avail” meaning row , hence giving the meaning as “row of lamps”. But in Tamil communities it is believed that the name is derived from the word “ Deepa oli “ meaning the light from the Lamp.
In TamilNadu, Deepavali is celebrated in the Tamil month of Aipasi (late October or early November) on Narak Chaturdashi thithi, which precedes the amavasai (The new moon day). The day before the festival the house is cleaned completely and decorated with “rangoli kolams”. The Diwali begins with everyone is family taking Oil bath early in the morning even before the sunrise. The elder must in the family applies gingelly oil on heads of the members of the family before taking a bath. After the bath, the pooja’s are conducted by placing before the god, various kinds of sweets, fruits, food items prepared for Deepavali, kumkum powder, turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, new dresses, fire crackers, etc. A small quantity of medicinal ayurvedic paste called leyghiyam is taken by the members of the family before the breakfast. The sweets are distributed after wearing the new dress and the firecrackers are burst. The people light up the numerous Deepavali lamps called Agal Vilaku in the evening.
“The Festival of light” is celebrated as the victory festival of lord Krishna over the evil demon king Narakasura. It is believed that this interesting story took place around 5000 years ago, Narakasura an egoistic fearful demon, who lived at a place called”Pragajodishaphura”. He freely terrorized the earth and heaven after obtained several boons from gods to ensure his longevity and prowess. He fought with the demigods of the heaven and committed many atrocities. He imprisoned more than sixteen thousand young girls, who are the descendants of the demigods. The demigods unable to defeat the evil demon went and prayed to The Lord MahaVishnu, who promised the demigods that he would take birth as Lord Krishna, which would be his eight incarnations of his “Dhasavatar” and would slay the evil demon. As promised the Lord MahaVishnu took birth as Lord Krishna and him along with his wife Sathayabhama, fought with the evil demon and killed him. As he was about to die, Narakasura begged mercy and asked Lord Krishna to forgive him for his evil deeds. He revealed his wish to lord Krishna that the people should celebrate his death as the ultimate victory of goodness over the evil, he wished his people should celebrate merrily and happily at the anniversary of his death by wearing new clothes and distributing sweets.
Thus on the occasion of the Deepavali festival, the Tamil communities commemorate the defeat of Narakasura who represented the evil and the light up the lamps (Agal vilakus) to remember the day on which Lord Krishna brought to light (Goodness) into their life by driving away the darkness.

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