Best Rangoli Designs for Home

Rangoli Designs:

Our elders tell us that rangoli designs have been started long ago around many centuries before.  You can find some reference now also in some scriptures, though the rangoli designs art has been changed and will be changed in coming years. Rangoli is also named as kolam, muggulu, muggitu, mandana etc. I have some designs especially for beginners. Do practice these easy and simple rangoli designs to impress every one.

Simple rangoli designs:

We welcome guests with rangoli designs.  Many draw with chalk powers or with powder of lime stone. Earlier people used rice flour and turmeric powder to make rangoli designs. They use to make rangoli of birds and insects but now  there are many patterns. Many people believe that rangoli stop evil spirits to enter our home.


Simple and Easy Rangoli Designs for Home

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Rangoli designs


Rangoli with dots:






So do try some of easy rangoli designs now itself. You can make rangoli designs with dots, rangoli designs without dots.  My post will help you to answer your query how to make rangoli. I also have rangoli designs video. You can rangoli designs download easily from here.